homebrewandbeer.com reborn

Whe Geoff and I started our website in 2000 as a place to share our (rudimentary) homebrew recipes we didn't imagine that one day it would evolve to where it is today. Over the years we added new sections and it became what you see now. Central to our site is the forum, which we begain in 2004, and now has almost 110,000 posts about beer, homebrewing and life by 3000 members.

As the website has grown and evolved, so have Geoff's and my tastes in beer and our experiences as homebrewers. At the time we launched homebrewandbeer.com we had plenty of brewing experience, but only in fairly basic brewing with malt extract or kits, to which we sometimes added extra hops or a little grain.

Since those early days we've progressed to doing some partial mashes and now are both all-grain brewers.

Our taste in beer has changed, too. While we knew there were plenty of beers out there we would rather not drink (VB, Tooheys and West End spring to mind), probably the "mainstream" beer we chose to drink, Coopers Pale Ale, wasn't readily available where we lived at the time.

 Today, while we still enjoy Coopers Pale Ale, so many more beers are on shelves at bottleshops and fridges in bars around Australia than most people could have imagined at the turn of the century.

 Likewise, we couldn't have foreseen the leaps in website technology. The redesign of the site launched in late 2014 makes the site compatible with mobile phones and tablets for the first time. Shortly, the forum will be updated to make it, too, mobile friendly. The next major change will be registered users being able to submit new breweries, beers and hops for review, and possibly a homebrew kit review section.

There are plenty of tweaks to be made to the appearance of the site, but my first priority was to get the new site published so that people could start to enjoy it.

If you've got any feedback about the new site or spot something amiss, please email me.

Otherwise, enjoy the site and visit regularly to see updates and new features.