Beer images

These are some of the images that have come our way over the years. If you've got a submission, please email us.

Beer, now cheaper than petrol

SOUND LOGIC: You can't argue with that.

Writing 'I love beer' with some human-processed beer

STAMINA: What an effort.

Suave gentleman directing his lady where to put the slab

CRUISIN' FOR A BRUISIN': Letting the lady do all the work.

Beer sidecar

NO PASSENGERS: All the luggage space you need.

Woman with beer goggles

BEER GOGGLES: What a classy woman.

Beer transport by chairlift

TAKE-AWAYS: Beer on the move.


The aftermath of a big night

MARATHON EFFORT: Looking back on a great night.

Massive beer

LET ME HELP YOU WITH THAT: Is this the world's biggest beer?

Pile of Foster's empties

EMPTIES: We finally found someone who likes Foster's!

Stacking empties on a drunk mate

BALANCING ACT: You can always count on your friends.


Took the wife shopping

GONE SHOPPING: One way to prevent the wife spending your money.


Police now targeting VB-drinking bogans

YOU'RE NICKED: Be warned, this is what happens when you drink VB.

VB cans stacked on guy's head

SAD END: Another night on VB comes to a close.

What a talent. Is this the woman of the year?

WOMAN OF THE YEAR: Who could ask for anything more?

Noooooooo ...

TRAGEDY 1: Has there ever been a more depressing sight?

... Noooooooo ...

TRAGEDY 2: Pity it wasn't Carlton Cold.

Keeping a beer handy

NO ROOM FOR THE KIDS, BUT PLENTY OF BEER: Is this the perfect vehicle?

Redneck wind chime



Foster's - Australian for cat's piss


The scene in the morning

THE AFTERMATH: The morning after the night before,
and it's time to ponder what was.

It would be a waste if it wasn't Foster's

WHAT A WASTE: Although most of it seems to be Foster's.

And who wouldn't love her?

IT'S LOVE: She loves beer, we love her.

You can never have too many beers on hand

GOOD FLOW: He doesn't look like going thirsty in a hurry.

What a couple of beers can do
ONE MORE BEER: … and look what happens.

Where dead marines go

A LOVELY SIGHT: The final resting place for dead marines.

Don't let this one go

DON'T LET THIS ONE GO: What a dedicated woman.


The almost-perfect beer fridge

ALMOST PERFECT: But there seems to
be some soft drink and food in the door.

Aussie Post article about this site

FIFTEEN MINUTES OF FAME: The write-up our site received
in the November 3, 2001, issue of Aussie Post,
in the days before

Heineken office cooler

OFFICE ESSENTIAL: Who wouldn't love going to work?

Why wouldn't he be happy?

CONTENT: And why wouldn't he be happy?

Big beer, long lunch


Beer: Helping ugly people have sex . . .


Us ready to bottle after a long night of drinking

BEER MEN: Geoff, on the left, and Oliver in their white brewing coats before they
bottled Geoff's No.89, Vienna/Oktoberfest, on July 15, 2000.


Ain't love grand

TRUE LOVE: She doesn't cook or clean, but hey, who cares?


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