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There are tens of thousands of breweries around the globe, big and small, brewing good beer and bad.

Australian breweries

This section contains all the Australian breweries we know about. The list is a work in progress and continually evolving.

Please help us with names, links and any other information you have about breweries opening, closing or moving.

Some of the "breweries" listed have their beer contract brewed by other breweries. Some are upfront about this practice, including declarations on their websites and labels. Others are less than forthcoming.

While all efforts have been made to ensure the information is correct, please verify the accuracy of addresses and locations in the maps if you intend to visit, and indeed check that the brewery accepts visitors.

Non-Australian breweries

Keeping tab of Australian breweries is hard enough without trying to keep an up-to-date list of international breweries.

So to find a brewery in another country, consult one these links:


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