The Millennium Ale Project

What is this “Millennium Ale Project”?

THE PLAN: For 2001, the beginning of the third millennium, brew 100 bottles of homebrew. Oliver and Geoff will be the custodians of half the bottles each. At the end of each year for the next 100 years, Oliver and Geoff will get together and drink one bottle.

WHY?  Why not?

BUT YOU'LL BE DEAD BEFORE YOU DRINK THEM ALL: Probably. However, we are unconcerned (after all, science may save us). Geoff will bequeath his bottles in his will to Oliver, and vice versa. Oliver has no children, so Geoff's daughter, and perhaps her children, will carry on the drinking of one bottle at the end of each year.

WON'T IT GO OFF?  The brew is about 8 per cent alcohol, which combined with the high hopping rate and maltiness will act to preserve the beer. We have adapted a recipe for Eldridge Pope's Thomas Hardy's Ale from the book Brew Your Own Real Ale at Home.

ARE YOU MAD?  Perhaps. We'll let you know in 2100.

Feel free to tell us what you think of what you think of the Millennium Ale Project.