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Oliver and Geoffby

Not peculiar
We were initially told that the spelling of “peculier” was medieval.
However, we are now informed that a peculier is a parish outside the jurisdiction of a diocese. Evidently, Old Peculier is named after the peculier of Masham.

Geoff: “An early contender for Beer of the Year. Sooooo malty, with a very,very late bitter finish. Lisa said that it tasted like malty dish washing water!?!” Rating: 5 stars
Oliver: “Fabulous dark, dark copper/brown color. Malty, hoppy nose and a finely beaded, long-lasting head. A hint of chocolate (and maybe some fruit cake?) in a very bitter beer with a long, long, long bitter finish. In fact, I think I may still have the bitterness in my mouth when I wake up in the morning! An excellent beer.”

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