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Oliver and Geoffby

Like the lunar surface
Has a cratered head like the surface of the moon. Rich, bitter and potent taste. The bitterest stout ever, we said at the time. And it's opaque. This is definitely not a stout to quaff, but it's an excellent, very stout, stout. Oliver said: “If you were to eat a redgum table, it would taste like this.” What he meant, no one could ever be sure.

A retasting eight years later resulted in a rating of three stars:
Why are all beers from this brewery 4.5% alcohol? It has the taste of a malt-extract brew about it.
Oliver: “What rating does this stout get?”
Geoff: “Is that a stout?”
(It should be noted that this tasting was conducted fairly late in the day (this was the 28th tasting for the session, in fact) and Oliver and Geoff were at the time preoccupied with comparing beer guts.)

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