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Oliver and Geoffby

Beer in the middle
The label says: “This is the 2010 vintage release imperial stout. John Kelly’s art on the front. Bullshit on the back. Beer in the middle. To explain it any more than that would most likely just reaffirm your notion that all this is just pap from some pseudo-intellectual wanker.”

Bottle no.660 of 2500 ($25). Smells similar to the Innis & Gunn. Like it’s been aged in oak barrels.
Geoff's wife, Lisa: "Very chocolately."
Full of spirit. A crackin’ beer. Roasty goodness.
Geoff: "Like one bourbon, one whiskey, one beer, all in one taste."
Not a sessional beverage. A very complex beer. Not as tasty as last year, but also not as carbonated.

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