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Oliver and Geoffby

Rough around the edges
Tastes like a cross between a Coopers Sparkling Ale and a Little Creatures Pale Ale. Geoff: In a blind tasting between this and Little Creatures you'd be tested to pick between them. It's not a sessional beer, and it's a bit rougher around the edges than LCPA, but that's not to detract from it. Copper colour. Very nice.

We tasted this again on 27.6.09:
Nice golden colour and a good taste. Smells like … nothing.
Geoff: “This smells like a fart about half an hour after you've had a really big crap: completely odourless.”
This is so odourless that when guest reviewer Gav, who had not been privy to Oliver and Geoff's conversation, was asked what it smelt like he took a big sniff and replied, “Nothing.”
Gav: “A nice ale. Nothing spectacular.”

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