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Oliver and Geoffby

Can't be faulted, but ...
Transluscent copper colour. Solid head. Geoff: “It's Chicago's greatest hits; you can't fault it. You may not always want to drink it, but it's a great example of the style.” (It was late. Sorry.)

FOOTNOTE: Like just about the entire Monteith's range, this beer has had a name change. It was originally called Monteith's Rich Celtic Beer, but is now called Monteith's Dry Kilned Celtic Red Beer. Why the name change is anyone's guess. But due to the name change, we inadvertently retasted this. Interestingly, though, the first bottle we had was newer stock. We know that because it was labelled with the new name. The fact that it didn't rate as highly second time around may well be due to the fact that it was much older stock by the time we drank it than at the first tasting.

Inadvertent retasting: 16.9.06
Best-before 11/06. Similar colour to the Pale Ale. Tasty Enough. Smoky and burnt flavour. Thin head. OK.

RATING: Three stars

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