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Oliver and Geoffby

Green death
A typical Australian lager, and one of the worst. We don't call it “Dirty Rotten Vic” for nothing.
We conducted our tasting from the stubbie, as we assume 99 per cent of packaged VB is consumed. It's overcarbonated, with tang rather than bitterness. We call it faux tang. We recommend drinking this as cold as possible, in the hope that the dirty, rotten taste is masked, even in some small way. Drink more than one stubbie to guarantee a killer hangover.
Geoff: “It's absolutely awful, isn't it? What's the difference between Vic, Carlton (Draught) and Foster's? I reckon it's just the amount of ammonia they add to give them bitterness and taste. I stand by that!”
The last word to Geoff's girlfriend, Lisa: “It makes you feel ugly, spastic and hung over all with one sip.”

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