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Oliver and Geoffby

It'd get zero if we were able
Geoff: “Oh, God, that smells disgusting. I don't know if I can drink it. It makes me want to spew. It's like I've had sour yoghurt or something. You know how I love beer? Taste that and tell me how I can love that. I don't know what it is but it sure as hell isn't beer.”
Smells disgusting and tastes even worse. The rating is based on the fact that we were not even sure it is beer. It went into the garden (we weren't sorry at all) and we rinsed the glasses to remove all traces of it from our drinking vessels.
Makes Bud taste nice. Oh, the horror.
Geoff's final word, made after taking a sip: “Oh, f--- me.”

FOOTNOTE: Rumors persist that this beer is exactly the same as Foster's (due to the fact that before the 2000 Sydney Olympics CUB decided that overseas visitors to Australia would be shocked to find that the Foster's they know and love is nothing like the Australian version and so put Crown Lager in Foster's bottles) or that it's the same recipe as Foster's but lagered for a little longer before release (due to the fact that so little Foster's is sold in Australia that it's not worth running a separate line with a different recipe).

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