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Reviews (2)
Oliver and Geoffby

it's terrible - lh - oh god. it atastes like someone has got a stubby of beer and accidentally put a bottle of cider in it.
pots: it smells to me like someone has pissed in the bottle.

After drinking the bullant. "And this is not good."

Of course it's shit, it's called cabin boy and they take it up the arse.

OW: you can smell the coriander, can't you.

Pots: AllI could smell was piss.

Hunty: Shocking.

I can't believe I tastked a great wheat beer then tasted one of the worst wheat beer I have ever tasted if not the worst beer I have ever tasted.

Sour. Disgusting.

That is the worst fucking beer I have ever tasted.

A well-presented beer. Light straw coloured with a tight, white head. Smells OK, with a bit of fruit coming through. But then you get to the taste, and it's not good. Sour and just generally not right. A shame, because the beer looks lovely and like it's going to deliver when it comes to taste, but it is my sad duty to rate this as terrible.

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