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Oliver and Geoffby

A nice colour
Hybrid of pale ale and lager, having been brewed to an American-style pale ale recipe but with a lager yeast.
Lisa: “This is going to be stupid. It looks like piss.”
Oliver: “I think it's a nice color, actually.”
Lisa: “… dehydrated vitamin B piss.”
Apparently won a silver medal at the Australian International Beer Awards in 2010.
Geoff: “Maybe it won silver at the International Beer Awards for best pale ale from Para Hills West.”
Oliver: “Very cloudy.”
Has the Beard and Brau Scottish terriers on the label.
Geoff: “Obviously someone who loves shit dogs and James Bond movies came up with this … a shit beer named after a shit dog. Fits the generic flavour of a mediocre Australian craft brewer.”
OW: “Golden paw? More like golden shower.”

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