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Oliver and Geoffby

Phoenix, or satanic zombie turkey?
Allegedly “the famous beer of Mauritius”. It’s imported to Australia, according to the label, by a firm in South “Fermentle”. We weren’t sure whether this was some sort of brewing joke, or just a mistake. We suspect the latter. The beer itself was the former. GR: “Weak as piss.” MD: “It smells terrible. That’s awful.” Lisa: “Oh, no! I’ll stick to my Moo Brew. It’s totally one-dimensional.” Floss: “It just looks awful.” Geoff: “It tastes like an Indian beer.” Geoff thought the representation of the phoenix on the label was more like a “satanic zombie turkey famous for being shite”. Oliver: “Not a pleasant beer. How have these guys been brewing since 1963? Practice does not make perfect.”

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