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Oliver and Geoffby

Stupid label
Apparently brewed “in petite batches using the freshest ingredients allowing this bold libation to encapsulate the flavours of the season”, whatever that means. The label suggests one “(explores) this subtle ale with a friend to make any occasion a memorable one”.
Well, we did share it with friends, and it mad the occasion memorable. Just not in a particularly good way.
And anyway, how can any beer that's 7.9 per cent be described as subtle, under any circumstances.
Marcelle: “It's a bit suss. Oh, f---,”, she says after a sip, “that's not subtle. It's as subtle as a kick in the teeth. I reckon this label is describing a different beer. Someone got it wrong.”
Heady. Geoff: “An unstable and volatile beer.”
Geoff: “Not entirely disagreeable.”
He then reconsidered and we agreed that it was a pretty ordinary beer.
Lisa had most to say (expletives deleted): “You can make this comment: I may have enjoyed this beer a whole lot more if I hadn't read their stupid label. The label is the wishful thinking in their sick heads.”

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