Under 2% ABV Beer/soda

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Under 2% ABV Beer/soda

Postby cafelinhchi » Thursday Feb 12, 2015 7:41 pm

So I'm looking for some guidance. Been brewing a long time, and wide variety of beer. What I'm looking to do now is make very low alcohol tart/fruity beer almost like a soda. Something like a Berliner Weiss, but even lower.

I was thinking of doing a very low malt bill, primary with Lacto Brevis x2 days, then finish with Yeast Bay's Amalgamation (a 5 Brett blend). Then I'd add some form of fruit syrup to taste for secondary. Bottle condition. The goal is a relatively short Fermentation and a tart lemonade-like finish with a very low ABV.

Looking for thoughts or advise, or even where to look for more info on this kind of idea. :D :D :D
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