Good Beer Week - who's going?

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Good Beer Week - who's going?

Postby Oliver » Tuesday May 13, 2014 7:03 pm

Hey guys,

Is anyone else going to anything for Good Beer Week, which begins on Friday.

We've got tickets for the following events, but will be doing a heap of other things during the week:

* The Beer Pigs @ Merricote, Northcote, 12:30pm, 18th May
* Feral Please @ Horn Please, Fitzroy North, 7pm, 20th May
* Beer and the Beast @ Royal Mail Hotel, West Melbourne, on Spencer 7pm, 22nd May
* SourFest II @ Penny Blue, city, 5pm, 21st May

Keep an eye on the HBAB Facebook and Twitter pages to see where we are and maybe we can catch up for a drink.

A mate from NZ is coming to stay for the week so it should be a good one.

I've finally carried through on my years-old threat to take a week of leave so I can go to events during the day and enjoy the nights without having to front up to work the next day.


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Re: Good Beer Week - who's going?

Postby Guru » Tuesday May 13, 2014 9:04 pm

If only I lived in melbourne... was there last year at least, although wasnt fortunate enough to have a whole week off.
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