Tomorrow's brew day.

Suggest or request any recipes for a particular beer or style of beer. Post all recipes here, including kit, partial mash and all-grain.

Tomorrow's brew day.

Postby Mad Dog » Sunday Jan 13, 2013 8:24 am

Bottling my 6th batch. A Golden Ale off the top of my head.
1lb CaraRed, 6lbs light DME, 1oz chinook 45min, 1oz cascade dry hopped. Wyeast 1056. Will be light with a 45 pt OG.

Brewing up a stout. 1lb chocolate malt, 1lb coffee malt, 7lbs dark LME, 2oz centennial 60 min, 1 oz Goldings 10 min. Pitching my US05 started in a growler 4 days back.

Fun times!!!
Mad Dog
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