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Oliver and Geoffby

Wonder Woman beer
This is the “beer” that gives US brews a bad name. It's sweet and crap with no taste.
It looks like a chardonnay. It's the blondest beer we've ever seen, and so lightly colored that Oliver was moved to comment: “Wonder Woman flew the Invisible Jet; we drank the invisible beer.”

The ladies liked Bud, but Lisa did comment: “This doesn't taste like beer should taste.”

Perhaps the most offensive thing about Bud is the fact that its catchphrase is “King of Beer”. What a load of crap. We were also outraged that the makers of this terrible beer have fought tooth and nail to stop the magnificent Czech Budweiser Budvar from being sold just about everywhere in the world because of its name.

This beer is evil and thoroughly without a redeeming quality.

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