Beer Replacement

Using the amber fluid in cooking, and pairing beer with food.

Beer Replacement

Postby lob » Friday Nov 29, 2019 12:48 pm

Why? Because in hot weather some ppl find themselves drinking too much. This recipe is designed to create a drink with plenty of "bite" (unlike alco-free beer), but is almost non-alcoholic.

5 x swing-top 330ml bottles (Aldi sell these from time to time, with German Beer)
2 lemon
1 lime
1 TBSP Angostura Bitters (or to taste)
Optional: 1 tbsp sugary lemon lime and bitters syrup mix (eg for soda stream, etc)

Buy 2 x 750ml bottles sparkling water (eg Aldi for around 75 cents each) OR make up two large bottles sparkling water using soda stream.

Juice lemon and lime. Add bitters. Add lemon, lime & bitters syrup if you prefer a sugary drink. Mix well.

Tilt large bottle, pour in 1/2 mixture into each bottle. Cap, and gently rotate to mix.

Using a small funnel, tilt 330ml bottles and fill.

Drink straight from bottle just like beer! Can also be used as a pre-mix (eg with gin, or whatever your poison.)
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